Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Saycle. We welcome you to our Platform at saycle.com, as well as all related web sites, downloadable software, mobile applications (including tablet applications), and products and services provided by us.

General Terms and Conditions

About subscription to Saycle and using the platform.

The present terms and conditions govern the procedure, methods and conditions for subscription services provided by Saycle , a product of "High Level Projects" Ltd, VAT Number: 201895454 , Address: str . "Kolyo Ficheto", №25A , gr. Varna , Bulgaria 9000 .These General Terms and Condition constitute a CONTRACT between the individual Subscriber and High Level Projects Ltd. By paying the subscription, the Subscriber agrees to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions and any subsequent changes thereto.

High Level Projects Ltd reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions for Subscription Delivery by promptly notifying its customers at https://saycle.com and /or by email when provided.

I. General

For the purposes of the present General Terms and Conditions, the following terms are used with the following meaning:

"Subscriber" means an individual or a legal entity, who purchases a tariff plan subscription from Saycle, property of "High Level Projects " Ltd.

II. Subscription

A subscription to the services of Saycle, a product of High Level Projects EOOD, is carried out:

Anytime on https://saycle.com/

III. Subscription period and payment methods

The possible periods of subscription depend on the choice of tariff plan , which are announced on the official web adress with https://saycle.com/

Any subscription can be requested online at https://saycle.com/

In the virtual POS terminal of the subscription website of Saycle, an integral part of the product line of High Lev Projects "Ltd are accepted payments with debit/credit cards Mastercard and Visa.

The subscription requested and paid for by the Subscriber will start from the date of payment and will be valid until one month after the beginning of the subscription or one year depending of the option selected.

IV. Subscription Requirements

When submitting a subscription to https://saycle.com/, the Subscriber must complete the Subscription Form as follows:

  • Name and surname of the recipient.
  • Company name (if Client / Subscriber is a legal entity).
  • Address, which includes: town, district, street, no , block, entrance, apartment and telephone.
  • E- mail contact - confirmation of the online subscription order and the information needed to pay the order will be sent to this address.
  • Company information (if the Subscriber is a legal entity) on the basis of which an invoice will be issued.

V. Termination of Subscription

Any user who has applied for a subscription to Saycle, owned by High Level Projects EOOD, is entitled to terminate current subscription plan or switch to a lower one. Cancellation is possible by sending a request https://saycle.com/ and/or in the user's profile.

VI. Others

Subscription prices are present on the official website of Saycle: https://saycle.com/ . High Level Projects Ltd. reserves its right to change the tariffs for subscription and shall be obliged to inform its users about the upcoming changes within a month time.

In case the subscription changes, the customer who has subscribed earlier does not pay or receive the price difference.

"Hi Level Projects" Ltd. issues invoices to entities, only when all the company’s details are correctly filled- in in the subscription form. The invoices are to be issued in a timely manner after each end of the subscription period.

High Level Projects Ltd. is a personal data administrator registered under the Personal Data Protection Act. High Level Projects Ltd. guarantees the privacy of information containing personal data provided by Subscribers. Disclosure is only possible where the information is required by public authorities or officials empowered by law to request and collect information containing personal data and in compliance with the statutory procedure.