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Contacts Hunter module is just the first tool of a large Marketing & Sales Suite we plan to develop over the next year. Come on board and fasten your seat belt as a remarkable journey is set to start. Your contribution will help this software to become the best one on the market.

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What is Saycle

Saycle stands for "Sales Cycle" and our goal is to develop an advanced suite of marketing and sales tools for your team. Our team consists of IT gurus and marketing professionals so we believe that juice of knowledge and experience will deliver a really valuable product. At this stage, we are launching our "Contacts Hunter" module and when you set up your account you will not only get an amazing service but will contribute to our future development. Let's build Saycle together. We will appreciate your comments, suggestions and ideas that could contribute the product development. Your contribution will be an investment in that, what you will get in future.

The Development Roadmap

Contacts Hunter

An artificial intelligence-based tool to extract companies and contacts from the search results.

Email Marketing

We are building a better email marketing module including all industry-standard tools as well as tracking the full scope of the customer journey

Leads from Web Visits

Almost ready is our Lead Tracking Tool based on advanced technology to reveal who is visiting your website and grouping the contacts into relevant segments based on their behaviour.

Automation and more

The module will automate the marketing workflow in your company while sending emails and messages triggered by the specific behaviour of your clients.

More Details

Lead Generation

The software will be enabled with advanced technology that helps to reveal who is visiting your website by analyzing fingerprints from a ninety million records database as well as to get insights about which pages they visit and what they are doing there. It automatically will group the contacts into relevant segments based on clients’ behaviour.

Sales Intelligence

Saycle will provide a full scope of lead management routines such as artificial intelligence-based lead estimation, signals about sales opportunities including triggering automated web workflows such as sending emails, SMS or social messages. The software will crawl online sources to deliver precious data about sales leads and clients to help sales teams performing efficient account-based marketing.

Email Marketing

Saycle will offer all necessary email marketing tools as drag-and-drop email editor, safe sending of large campaigns, SPAM rate checker, scheduled sending and more. Unlike other software solutions on the market, Saycle will report the full scope of the customer journey including email opens and clicks, pages visited and browsing behaviour of the recipients.


Saycle will be designed to exchange data with many major marketing software vendors including Mail Chimp, Elastic email, Linkedin, Google, Facebook, CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot Microsoft dynamics and more. It will be enabled with so-called API interface so any third party software can exchange data in real-time. All data can be downloaded in spreadsheet readable format as well.


Saycle will automate the marketing workflow in your company while sending emails and messages triggered by webpage visits or some specific behaviour of the visitors regarding your products and services. Saycle will be enabled with automated data entry capabilities for lead generation from web visits or offline by scanning QR codes and business cards.


Saycle will improve the teamwork and integrity of your marketing and sales by collaborating at each stage of the sales pipeline. Create tasks, alerts or reminders manually or just allowing the software to organize your workflow automatically will be among the features. Saycle will allow multi-access to a company account as well as one user access to many company accounts.

The team

Yanislav Tankov


Simeon Kolev


Ralitza Dimitrova


Raoul Vallelonga


Yanislav Tankov

Founder of Saycle

"We believe that Saycle is the future of data-driven platforms. Intelligence and usability is becoming a major competitive advantage in enterprise software."